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In the heart of Europe you can find our peaceful breeding farm for Alpacas. That's why our farm is called "EURO-ALPACA".

On the internet you can find a huge amount of information regarding those gentle and soft animals, but we prefer to speak to you face to face in order to get to know each other better; because not everybody can take care of an Alpaca.

We are neither dealers of Alpacas nor exhibition fans. We truly love Alpacas, especially ours. It is our goal/aim to raise Alpacas that will give a lot of pleasure to their owners and this at an affordable/acceptable price level. A solid character and physical health rank first and have a top priority. However we also attach great importance to other aspects as body form, (wool) fleece and teeth. We have been working with different kinds of animals for more than 35 years which gives us expertise to breed Alpacas. In this context one of our vendors of Alpacas said:

"I have never had a customer who acquired so much expert knowledge within such a short time, in particular for the good of the animals."

We want to do our job well as amateur breeders and even if we are a small farm, we don't want to neglect quality. Therefore: "Premium Hobby Farm"! Come to visit us in the green heart of Europe and enjoy the harmony that emanates from Alpacas.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon !